1. How is Westford/Littleton Crew funded?

WLC is run by the Westford Rec department and receives NO funding from the town of Westford, or any other towns or schools.   All costs must be covered by the fees charged to the participants.  This covers a full time coaching position, as well as the boats, and other fixed costs.

The benefit of this is that WLC is open to any all participants who are interested.

  1. How many seasons are there?   

There are two main competitive rowing seasons, fall and spring. There is also a summer season with only a few regattas.

The fall season starts in September and ends at the end of October with the Saratoga regatta.  These regattas consist of a one day event with a longer 5k distance.  The spring competitive season consists of 2 days regattas filled with much shorter head-to-head races. 

  1. How often are the practices?

During the season, the participants will practice 5 days a week at Forge Pond in Westford.   Girls and boys practice at different tmes.  Girls are M,W,F from 3-5 and T,Th from 4:30-6:30.   Boys are the reverse.

  1. How much parent involvement is required?

Each family can volunteer as much or as little as they feel comfortable with.  That said, this organization cannot exist without the support of the volunteers, and for each regatta there will be a sign up sent around looking for volunteers to help at the regatta, set-up, grilling, clean-up, and a separate sign-up for food donations. 



  1. How long is a regatta?

    There is no hard and fast rule for regattas, but generally the fall regattas take place on Sunday and rowers may need to be there as early as 7am, and stay as late as 5pm.   In the spring season, the regattas can last two days.    In any event, the rowers cannot leave until they are dismissed by the head coach.

  2. Are parents expected to stay for the entire regatta?

    Once again, this is a personal decision for the family.  You can drop off your child in the morning and return later for pick-up, or you can spend the entire day socializing, this is up to you.

  3. Are races timed, or head to head?

    The fall season races are the longer 5k races and have staggered starts, and races are timed.  In the spring season, the races are much shorter and generally head to head.



  1. What are the different boat configurations?

    WLCC races both 4 person and 8 person shells.  In addition, the rowers are divided into novices, who have only raced one or two seasons, and varsity boats with the more experienced boaters.   The coach will decide who rows in which boats and which groups of rowers work best together.   These groupings can change throughout the season.

  2. What clothing is needed?

    Layers.  The temperature can vary in rowing, even on the same day, so it is important to come prepared in layers.  Another secret to staying warm is NO COTTON! Cotton keeps moisture against the body. You want “wicking” fabrics that will pull moisture away from the body. So whatever you do, do not get cotton long underwear types of shirts and pants to keep you warm…because once wet, it essentially becomes useless. It’s all about the “base layer.”