Erg-a-thon! -  Saturday, March 28 at Burton's in Westford

All athletes are required to participate.  This is a major fundraiser for WLCC, and raised over $20,000 last year. 

The winter of  2013-14, we ran a fundraiser to name our new Peinart Zephyr recreational 1x shells that were purchased in the fall.  WLCC rowers and families could bid on one of the 4 boats to win the rights to name the boat whatever they wanted and we quickly had 4 winners!  We greatly thank all of those who bid and a big thank you to those who won the bids and made the donations to WLCC to support the program and were able to name the boats!  Without your support and donations, our programs would not be able to run as they do.  

Without further adoo, we are proud to introduce our new Zephyr 1x shells as.....



'James R. Ormsby Sr, "Poppy" '

'Not Unfixably Atrocious'