Regatta Info for Parents

Every Regatta is different, but generally your children will need to arrive at the event very early and be there very late.   The volunteers provide nourishment for them throughout the day.

Event scheduling is controlled by the host, and our coaches have no control over the race times.  Event times also can change up until the day of the event, so please do not ask our coach for the advance notice.   He will inform you as soon as he knows anything.

The one constant at all events -- Your children cannot leave until the head coach dismisses them.  If their race is over, that does NOT mean that you can take them home.    At some events, the students will be asked to return to Forge to unload, this is not always the case, and depends on how late the regatta has run.

Packing List for Regattas:
Westford Littleton Crew,
Feb 12, 2015, 5:46 PM