Program Registration

There are 2 ways to register for an upcoming rowing program.  You can:

1. Visit, or click on our shield on the front page of the site, to find our programs and complete the registration online.  Registration and payment can all be completed online from this site.  Once completed online, the only paperwork needed to be handed in to the office is a completed swim test form.

2. Visit the Westford Recreation Dept office at 35 Town Farm Road and sign up for a program in person.  All forms can be filled out and handed in, along with payment, at the office to Pam McNiff.  

For more information on any part of the registration process, please email or call Pam McNiff at or 978-692-5532.

When payment is made, either online or in-person, please remember that a 10% Capital Equipment Fee is also required for all programs and will be paid out separately in-person only at the Recreation office.  For details on this fee, more information can be found under the Supporters header in the left menu.